English Cocker Spaniels

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Our English Cockers come from all over the country. They make great natural bird dogs and house companions. Cockers are a happy go lucky breed that love to work and are really friendly. They are extremely birdy with tons of desire to retrieve and have a very naturally soft mouth. We are avid hunters and our Cockers are used to flush and retrieve lots of quail, pheasants, and woodcock during hunting season. We also us them to retrieve ducks and dove. They're great for riding in a UTV, quail truck, or boat and don't take up much room. Cockers come in all types of colors and they typically weigh anywhere from 18-35 lbs. Their size and their docked tails make them very easy to have around in the house. Cockers are gaining popularity in hunting homes very rapidly and when you see them work you will understand why. These little dogs are a ball of fire in the field working but have a great off switch in the house as pets. If you have any questions about the breed or would like to see them in action don't hesitate to ask.




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Pictures of puppies from previous litters