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Versatile Hunting Dog Training


With all of our programs we now cover crate and house training in our new indoor training room. This room is climate controlled which allows us to work dogs inside when the weather doesn't allow us to work them outside.  


We have had a very high demand for training versatile pointing dogs so we've created a program that is centered around the dog that can do it all. A dog that is capable of pointing a covey of bobwhite quail or trailing a crippled rooster pheasant, as well as sitting in a dove field or duck blind retrieving your birds. This program is designed for the versatile breeds such as German Wirehair Pointers, German Shorthair Pointers, Wirehair Pointing Griffons, Brittanys, Pudelpointers, and all other versatile breeds. These dogs seem to be the perfect fit for the individual hunter in Texas. They both point and retrieve so they can be used for everything including retrieving dove and ducks, pointing quail and pheasants, and also make great companions or house pets. We have a very strong breeding program for versatile dogs so check out our puppy page for more information on future breedings. If we don't have a breeding that fits what you are looking for give us a call and we can help you find the right puppy for you.

Our Basic Versatile Training Program lasts around 6 months and is a combination of our basic pointing and retrieving programs as well as Obedience. At the end of the program the dog will be an obedient companion as well as a very capable pointer and retriever ready to tackle any type of bird hunt you can take him on. 

Training that is covered in our basic program:

  • Basic obedience (Here, Heel, Kennel, Place, Whoa, and Sit if desired)

  • Collar conditioning

  • Exposure to gunfire 

  • Natural retrieve 

  • Exposure to all types of cover  

  • Teaching quartering on foot or from a UTV

  • Pointing all types of birds (pigeons, quail, chukar, and pheasant)

  • Holding point until bird is flushed by shooter

  • Hunting dead for crippled or shot birds

  • Exposure to water, duck blind, and decoys 

  • Retrieving all types of birds including ducks

  • Steady through shot and fall at your side for marked retrieves 

In all of our programs, we prefer to get dogs in for training at a young age so that we can make sure they are developed the right way as they mature. It is especially important with the versatile dogs to make sure they build retrieving desire at a young age. If you can't get the dog to us as a pup, we strongly recommend that you spend as much time as you can working on encouraging retrieve drive in the pup.

We also offer an Advanced Versatile Training Program 

Training that is covered in our advanced program:

  • Force Fetch

  • Honoring another dog on point

  • Steadiness thru wing, shot, and fall while on point

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