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Bone Point's Excalibur

Bone Point's Magnus X Bone Point's Kenai


Mack is one of the most intense dogs that we've ever trained, his bird finding ability has saved us from losing lots of crippled birds.  His style and desire for game is off the charts. Mack hits the water hard on retrieves regardless of the temperature and loves to chase down crippled ducks. But he is most impressive ranging wide for quail in the brush country of south Texas or deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. His gait is the most fluid that we've ever seen and his stride just eats country up. He is as cat footed as they come, routinely just sidestepping a cactus at full speed without ever slowing down or losing his focus. Mack's nose is excellent, his points are really staunch, and he has the stamina to hunt all day in rough country. His search for game is aggressive and relentless. But at the end of the day he is very content curling up on his bed and relaxing in the house.

We bred Mack to Sid in 2019 and pups are showing lots of promise. Mack has all his health clearances and has been natural ability tested through NAVHDA. In 2022 we plan to breed him to Cleo and are very excited about that cross. Check back for more info on future Mack pups. 

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