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Bone Point's Boris x VC Thunderhill's Magnum Magz

Sid is the most consistent dog we've ever had, she handles wild birds like a dream. Her natural ability to adjust to whatever species she's hunting makes her a once in a lifetime dog. We've hunted Sid all across the U.S. from Ruffed Grouse and Pheasants to Desert Quail and Prairie Grouse and she excels at all of it. Her knack for recovering crippled birds is second to none. Sid has a stockier build but don't let that fool you, she's a durable dog that can hunt all day in rough country. She is full of personality and loves everyone she meets. Not only is Sid a great hunting and house dog she also completed her Versatile Champion title thru NAVHDA which speaks for how well rounded she is. Her puppies have turned out to have the natural ability to adapt to new hunting environments and we have high hopes for future pups out of her daughter Jo as well.
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