Flushing Training

2-3 Month Program


Our flushing program is designed for retrievers for the avid quail and pheasant hunter. This program is based around building high prey drive, willingness to hunt tough cover, and developing a natural retrieve. Our English Cocker Spaniel and Lab pups are a great fit for this program, they have a naturally soft mouth and aggressive flush. Check out our Puppies page to see upcoming litters.

Here are the steps we cover in this program:

  • Basic Obedience (Sit, Here, and Place)

  • Collar Conditioning

  • Natural Retrieve 

  • Exposure to Gunfire 

  • Teaching quartering in range of the shooter

  • Riding in UTV 

  • Hunting all types of cover 

  • Flushing all types of upland birds

  • Hunting dead for crippled or shot birds 

  • Force Fetch (If desired)

Check out the videos below of some of our English Cocker Spaniels flushing and retrieving!!