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Bissel Grade Josie 

VC Bone Point's Voyageur x VC Thunderhill's Obsidian


Jo has more natural desire to retrieve than any pointing dog that we have owned. When she's along on a hunt we rarely lose a crippled bird of any species. She hits the water like a bullet and is relentless in chasing down wounded birds on water or land. Her desire to please is very strong and she works hard for you. There's no quit in her no matter what she's hunting or what the weather conditions are like. She's a hard driving dog with an aggressive search for game and she takes training pressure very well. Jo is just as comfortable in the desert hunting Quail among cactus as she is hunting Grouse in the Northwoods. She adapts her range to the cover and terrain that she's in and always knows where her handler is. We are planning to breed Jo in Spring of 2023, check back for updates.

Jo duck .jpg
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