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Pointing Training


Our basic pointing program is for all pointing breeds, it typically lasts 4 months depending on how fast each individual dog progresses. We start with a focus on building desire for birds and exposing new pups to gunfire. We expose them to all different kinds of birds including quail, chukar, and pheasants. We also have homing pigeons, which allows us to put out as many birds in a day as we need to.  In this stage we try to create a bold pup that hunts fearlessly but we also really focus on encouraging a natural point and retrieve.

In all of our programs we prefer to get dogs in for training at a young age so that we can make sure they are developed the right way as they mature.  


After we have a bold pup in the field, we start teaching the commands in yard work. We teach 4 commands: Kennel, Here, Heel, and Whoa. Using a check cord, whoa post, and buddy stick, we maintain a stylish attitude in this learning stage. Once they reliably have these commands down on lead, we move to reinforcing them with an e-collar. At the same time in this stage, we continue to use birds daily and encourage them to hold a longer and stauncher point.


Throughout training, we regularly run the dogs in groups exposing them to all kinds of things they will see when they are hunting, teaching them to range in a stylish manner, and handle easily on whistle, voice, and collar commands.

Once the dog is reliable in the yard, we transition the yard work commands to the field and reinforce the commands there with the collar. Our goal in this stage is to create a stylish dog that is under control and a pleasure to hunt with. A dog that quarters, holds point, is steady to flush, and has a natural retrieve. Also one that comes to you via voice and whistle commands as well as whoa's and kennel's on command.

Now that we have a dog that is reliable on the commands in the field, we really start to put the polish on them and customize the training to your needs. At this stage we teach the dogs to handle in the field and work on their hunting patterns. Whether your looking for a close working foot hunting dog or a big running South Texas truck dog, we can customize the training to make your hunting partner the best they can be. 



We also offer an advanced program where we work on honoring another dog's point, steadiness to wing, shot, and fall, as well as exposure to wild birds. The advanced program time frame is dependent on the dog and season.

Advanced Training

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