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1.) Can I visit my dog while in training? 


    Yes! We typically ask clients not to visit the first month so that we can establish a training routine with the dog and create a bond with them. After the first month, you are welcome to visit once per month to work with your dog. We kindly ask clients to only visit once per month so that each customer has a chance to come visit and work with their dog. 


2.) Do I need to provide food for my dog while in training?


    That is totally up to you! We provide On The Hunt Dog Fuel at the kennel, but if there is a specific food you would like to keep your dog on while in training, please bring it with you or have it shipped directly to us.


3.) Do I need to provide Heartworm and flea and tick medicine?


    Yes. We ask customers to please provide both heart worm and flea and tick medicine for the entirety of training. (i.e. if your dog is in the Retriever program for 4 months, please provide 4 months worth of medicine at drop-off if possible) If your vet will only allow 1 pill per month, please mail it to us each month. If you are not able to get medication before drop-off, please let us know and we can take your dog to our local vet and add it to your invoice.

We also accept the Proheart shot. If your dog is on the Heartworm shot, please provide flea and tick medicine only. 


4.) What is the kennel setup for each dog? Can I bring a dog bed?


    Each dog is provided a 5’ x 8’ kennel complete with a barrel and feeder to provide plenty of room and a quiet place to sleep up off the floor. Please refer to our Facilities page for pictures! You are welcome to bring a dog bed for your dog, however, we do not recommend it. Most times, the dog beds get torn up or pulled into the neighbors kennel and torn up. 


5.) What will be my dog’s daily routine? How often do they get worked?


    Each day can be a little different, but our day to day training typically consists of two sessions per day: a field session and an obedience session Monday through Friday. Along with working the dog on those sessions, we usually rotate dogs in crates in our indoor training room throughout the day as well. That way, they are exposed to every environment throughout the day, inside and outside. We usually reserve Saturdays and Sundays for rest days, however, weather permitting, we let dogs play in the yards those days. No rules, just fun! 


 6.) Does my dog have to stay in training the entirety of the program?


    Yes. We highly recommend that you leave your dog in training the full amount of time. That prevents distractions, lack of progress, delays, etc. However, if you have to take your dog for any reason, please communicate with us and inform us of any situations that arise. 


7.) Will I receive pictures/videos of my dog?


    Yes! We do our best to take pictures and videos when we can and send to you to show your dogs progress! 


8.) And the most commonly asked question: Will my dog remember me?


Yes! They will definitely remember you and be happy to see you when you visit!  

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